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Smallholder Services are a distributor for Morris Lubricants.

Morris Lubricants is a British independent family owned company that has been manufacturing lubricants in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, since 1869.  One hundred and forty years of development has seen the company grow to one of Europe's leading oil blenders and marketers, with a solid reputation for quality and service.
Morris Lubricants offers an extensive range of performance lubricants covering a wide variety of application areas.  This is backed by the highest level of quality control and technical support together with an experienced customer service team.

We have a large selection of oils, greases and lubricants available from our trade counter.

Universal Antifreeze (ANT)

Universal Anti-freeze will protect all engines from frost damage right down to –34oC and ice damage down to –50oC (at 50% of total coolant volume). It also provides outstanding protection against rust and corrosion for all parts of the cooling system and is therefore recommended for all year round use. This Ethylene Glycol based antifreeze, which meets the technical requirements of BS6580:1992 is designed to meet the demands of modern engines and their cooling systems.

£14.50............ 5 litre
£52.00.......... 20 litre

MD4 Penetrating Fluid Aerosol (MDF)

When applied to wet parts the chemistry of MD-4 has a powerful attraction to the underlying surfaces and this completely displaces traces of water. Therefore this product is particularly useful as an engine damp start. If the aerosol pack is used, a short spray on to the affected parts will displace any wetness and prevent voltage breakdown, allowing the engine to be started again normally. MD-4 is also an effective penetrating fluid for freeing all seized and corroded metal parts. It has been designed with a very low surface tension, which gives it excellent penetrating power, and this, coupled with superior solvent and lubricating properties enables the most inaccessible corroded parts to be speedily dismantled. The residual oil film acts as a rust and corrosion preventative on the disassembled parts and helps reassembly.

£4.90............ 400ml

Universal Brake & Clutch Fluid (BRA)

Morris Brake Fluid is made from high molecular weight polyalkylene glycol ethers and polyalkylene glycol ether borates, to give a high boiling point fluid of DOT 4 quality. The product is blended with special additives that prevent fluid oxidation, rust and the swelling of the piston seals used in conventional brake systems. Morris Brake Fluid has been manufactured to exceed vehicle manufacturer’s standards and has been designed for use at high temperatures under the most severe conditions. This fluid is compatible with all other non-mineral brake fluids manufactured to the same specifications.

£5.50............ 1000ml

Liquimatic DII ATF Transmission Fluid (LDT)

Designed to meet the performance requirements of General Motors Dexron® IID specification for transmission systems built up to 1992. This product has outstanding resistance to high temperatures encountered during severe operating conditions, and gives excellent protection against wear, rust and corrosion for all critical components. It is completely compatible with all materials utilised in automatic transmissions systems, such as seals and specialised plastic parts. Liquimatic DII will ensure smooth and responsive clutch plate and brake band operation over a wide range of temperatures and work loads.

£5.50............ 1000ml

Supercut 1000 (Unison Edgeplus) Soluble Cutting Fluid (UNI)

When mixed with water Supercut 1000 forms a stable milky emulsion which can be used in most conventional machining operations. Unison Edgeplus is a cost effective product that exhibits excellent corrosion protection and exceptional service life for a conventional fluid of this type.

£17.50............ 5 litre

Golden Film SAE 30, 40, 50 - Classic Motor Oil

Golden Film  Engine Oils are a specialist range of high quality, low detergent/dispersant monograde lubricants. These oils are suitable for use in naturally aspirated petrol and diesel engines and certain gearbox designs. These oils are suitable for use in naturally aspirated four stroke petrol and diesel engines and classic gearbox designs.
Available Grades: SAE30. SAE40, SAE50

£17.50............ 5 litre

Ring Free MXC 15w/40 Engine Oil

Ring Free MXC 15W/40 is a mixed fleet diesel and petrol engine oil, formulated for operators demanding extended oil drain intervals without compromising component protection.  Ring Free MXC 15W/40 has high levels of detergency and dispersancy to reduce combustion chamber deposits and ring sticking, as well as protecting from wear, rust and corrosion.  Outstanding soot and sludge control helps to maintain component integrity and engine efficiency.

£68.00............ 25 litre

Magnol STOU 15w/30 Universal Tractor Oil

Magnol STOU has been designed to cover practically all lubrication requirements on the farm with just one grade of oil. When formulating this grade, special account was taken of equipment manufacturers recommendations and the severe use to which farm implements are subjected. Using quality additives, together with highly refined base oils, Magnol STOU is available as a truly universal lubricant for tractors, combines, agricultural machinery and general farm use.

£65.00............ 25 litre

Triad 46 Hydraulic Oil

Premium hydraulic oils - ISO VG 46, with excellent anti-wear properties and corrosion inhibition. Good anti-foam plus rapid air release prevents sponginess, ensuring a positive hydraulic response. Ideal for use in mobile plant.

£51.00............ 25 litre

Liquimatic JDF Transmission Oil

Liquimatic JDF is a hydraulic/transmission fluid formulated with high quality mineral oils and specialised additives for use in agricultural, plant and material handling equipment. This grade provides anti-wear and extreme pressure (EP) protection to gear systems, including transmissions and final drives, as well as ensuring that hydraulic system integrity is maintained.Additionally, Liquimatic JDF has superior wet (oil immersed) brake performance, assisting in the elimination of “squawk and chatter” and therefore prolonging the life of frictional materials and other components. The additive system also provides superior resistance to oxidation, rust and corrosion, together with improved antifoam performance.

£75.00............ 25 litre

Liquimatic HY Transmission Oil

Liquimatic HY is a hydraulic/transmission fluid formulated with high quality mineral oils and specialised additives for use in agricultural and plant equipment, where the Case MS1207/1209 specifications are called for. This product is designed to protect transmission components, reduce brake chatter, clutch slippage and minimise final drive wear. Liquimatic HY can be used in hydraulic systems where it provides outstanding pump protection and where its high level of water tolerance reduces the likelihood of filter blocking. The additive system also gives this oil superior resistance to oxidation, rust and corrosion, together with improved anti-foam performance.
Suitable replacement for Case - International Harvester oil ... HY-TRAN

£75.00............ 25 litres

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